Kursdanser vår - 2011

 Datum                         Grundkurs                              Fortsättare-lättare danser                                     Fortsättare

16 januari                      A-B Ticket                              Alamo boom                                                      All Nighter

                                    Lindy Schuffel                         Chica boom boom                   


23 januari                     The frezze                               This & that                                                          Fell right


30 januari                                                                  Tennesee  waltz surprise!                                  Repetition


6 Februari                                                                   Broken stones                                   Dance like yore the only one


13 Februari                                                                  Duck soup                                                     Stith it up


20 feb                                            Blue night cha och love is in the air                                      jig about


27 feb                                                                        Unchain my heart                                 Repetition


6Mars                                                            Repetition                         calypsoMexico                                                                                              


13 Mars                                                 Say HeyMama                         Repetition                          


20Mars                                     Snowflake                                                    Repetition     


27 Mars                                                        Repetition                           Kill the   spider       


3 April                                                              Bleeding Love                                                                                                                                                         

10 april                                                                    repetition                                                   Burlesque